U Aung Khin Myint

Joint Secretary General

U Aung Khin Myint

My vast knowledge and familiarity with the shipping and maritime industry, freight forwarding and logistics services is deeply rooted in my decades of service and former study. In 1977 I began my commitment as a cadet in The Myanmar Five Star Line and succeeded to the rank of captain. I then began to manage Five Star’s Feeder Container Service in 1993. After 6 successful years in which I spearheaded multiple streamlining projects I joined MPA-Allied Singapore as an inland container depot general manager and continued to serve until 2005 whilst also earning my Executive Master of Business Administration and various diplomas including Maritime Law, Multimodal Transport, and Shipping and Port Management.

Today I serve as the Chairman of Global Multimodal Transport and Services Co. Ltd and Chairman of Myanmar International Freight Forwarders Association. I believe I will be a core asset for your operation as I possess the confidence, experience, knowledge, and network to captivate target markets, advise with shipping related legal matters, manage day to day operations, and establish vital connections with private and government organizations in Myanmar. In the business sector, I serve as the JGS of UMFCCI, and I actively contribute as a participant of the GMSBF.

In summary, I have been actively involved in the comprehensive planning, operation, and capacity building of Myanmar’s Shipping and Maritime Industry, Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services.